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The Cast of Quadrophenia
Phil Daniels plays Jimmy
Leslie Ash plays Steph
Philip Davis plays Chalky
Mark Wingett plays Dave
Sting plays Ace
Ray Winstone plays Kevin
Garry Cooper plays Pete
Gary Shail plays Spider
Toyah Wilcox plays Monkey
Trevor Laird plays Ferdy
Kate Williams plays Jimmy's mother
Michael Elphick plays Jimmy's father
Kim Neve plays Yvonne
Benjamin Whitrow plays Mr. Fulford
Daniel Peacock plays Danny
Jeremy Child plays Agency Man
John Phillips plays Magistrate
Timothy Spall plays Projectionist
Olivier Pierre plays Tailor
George Innes plays Cafe Owner
John Bindon plays Harry
P.H. Moriarty plays Barman at Villain Club
Hugh Lloyd plays Mr. Cale

The Director
Franc Roddam

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About Franc Roddam

Franc Roddam was born on April 29th, 1946

His film and TV credits as a director include:

1.Cleopatra (1999) (TV)
2.Moby Dick (1998) (TV)
3.K2 (1991)
aka K2: The Ultimate High (1991)
4.War Party (1989)
5.Aria (1987) (segment "Tristan und Isolde")
6.Bride, The (1985/I)
7.Lords of Discipline, The (1983)
8.Quadrophenia (1979)

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